"Which Of The NBA Playoff Teams Will Be Crowned Champion?"

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Which Of The NBA Playoff Teams Will Be Crowned Champion?

Training camps, film sessions & practice, this is what it looked like for many of the NBA teams over the summer. "It's NBA playoff time!" All the hard work and determination has paid off, or at least it has in theory.

Will Akron, Ohio's own Lebron James bring home the first major championship in Cleveland's history? There is no denying that he will have a lot of pressure on him to deliver, but I think he is ready. Why else would Lebron leave the friendly confines of South Beach if he wasn't determined to bring a championship to Cleveland? Soon as his plane landed, Cleveland immediately saw improvement in its economy and sponsorship started to boom. Season ticket sales went thru the roof! This was all by design, I'm sure.

James has already felt that there was unfinished business in Cleveland. He challenged himself in ways he has not done previously, including a new diet in the off season. He didn't stop there, using his influence to lure top players like Kyrie Irving & Kevin Love. Look for Lebron to use his championship pedigree and experience to help propel Cleveland to come out first in the East.

California already has a lot of offer, it just seems unfair that it also has the Golden State Warriors. First year head coach Steve Kerr seems to have been the difference as the Warriors have the best record in the NBA. Its an embrassment of riches when you have the Splash Bros, Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson, in your backcourt. Throw in Draymond Green, an up and coming superstar in his own right, this is a team that can be very dangerous this time of year.

Unlike the Eastern Conference, the teams out West provide for a much stiffer competition, making what the Warriors have done even more remarkable. As a matter of fact, the last two playoff teams in the east, the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets are both playoff teams under .500. This is not the case in the west, as the number 8 seed, New Orlean Pelicans, would be a number 6 seed in the East. Wow! The Warriors simply have too much talent, look for them to come out first in the West.

This has the making to be one of the best NBA Finals ever. The Warriors have Stephen Curry, who a lot of people expect to be crowned MVP over Lebron James, who is widely considered to be the best player in the league. Anything less than a seven game series would come as a shock. Both of these teams split the season series 1-1. This will be a very hard fought series, an absolute delight for fans. Lebron James didn't come back to Cleveland for a disappointing story. He wants to ride off into the sunset as the greatest athlete in Cleveland history. Although he has made his case already, a championship would eliminate any doubt.

So, which of the NBA playoff teams will be left standing at the end? Lebron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers are already one step ahead of us!

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