After splitting the last two finals, will the Cavs or the Warriors with the NBA Finals rubber match?

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Many people may argue that the 2017 NBA playoffs have been anything but entertaining. With the NBA finals now set between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors for a third straight year, neither team has had a tough road to the Finals. The Warriors won the Finals in 2015 and the Cavs won in 2016, this third series will be an NBA Finals rubber match.

The Warriors were the top seed in the West and took down the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round in just four games. In the second round, they took on the Utah Jazz and didn't have much trouble with them, only needed four games to finish them off. In the Western Conference Finals, it looked like the Warriors would finally be tested when they were trailing the San Antonio Spurs by more than 20 points in Game 1 until Kawhi Leonard came down on Zaza Pachulia's foot and turned his ankle. The Spurs ended up squandering that lead and losing Game 1, the Warriors went on to sweep the Spurs and come into the NBA Finals with a perfect record of 12-0.

There were some questions about the Cavaliers coming into the NBA Playoffs. They ended up being the second seed in the East, finishing behind the Boston Celtics, because of a poor several weeks after the All-Star break where they were below .500. During this stretch, the Cavs looked simply dreadful on the defensive side of the ball, but there was always the thought the LeBron James and the Cavs would flip the switch in the playoffs, which they have done. In the first round, the Pacers pushed the Cavs in a couple of close games, but they ended up getting swept in the end. In the second round, the Cavs had very little trouble with the Toronto Raptors on their way to another four-game sweep. In the Eastern Conference Finals the Cavs had to go on the road and took care of the Boston Celtics, and if it wasn't for an Avery Bradley buzzer beater that bounced on the rim forever, the Cavs would have had another sweep. Cleveland comes into the playoffs with a record of 12-1.

This will the third straight year that these two teams will play in the NBA Finals. With each team splitting the last two games, this series will do a lot to say who owns the era and is the most dominant team of the time. For much of the playoffs, there has been a lack of competitiveness. There have been very few long series, and even in the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics series that went seven games, six of the seven games were blowout games. This is a result of the super teams that are being created in the NBA now. With Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors he not only greatly increased the Warriors chances of coming out of the West, he took away a team that could be competitive in the West in the Oklahoma City Thunder. With the new craze of super teams in the NBA, there is a sacrifice of competitiveness between these super teams and the teams that are just pretty good. With what seems to be an epic NBA Finals rubber match coming up, there is still time for the 2017 NBA Playoffs to redeem themselves.

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