How will the Orlando Magic do this season?

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After a lockout that seemed like it would never end, the Orlando Magic are back in action and ready to begin their season on Christmas day. The season was shortened to just 66 games, but should still prove to be as exciting as ever. There has been an extremely condensed free agency period and training camp, but a lot of movement has still occurred throughout the NBA. The NBA trade deadline has been set at March 15 this season, which will prove to initiate a lot of movement in the midpoint of the season.

Unfortunately for Orlando, not a lot of movement has taken place for the Magic. It seems we have already found our theme for the season, and it’s not good. The question “Is Dwight staying in Orlando?” seems to be all we will hear this season. Howard has asked the team to be traded on multiple occasions, but continues to say he wants to be in Orlando to the media. He seems to be torn on his decision, so Orlando fans are holding out hope that they can retain him. Howard has continued to emphasize his desire to win, and doesn’t seem to care if it is here or somewhere else.

New Magic C.E.O. Alex Martins has been talking with Dwight to find out what it will take to keep him here. It seems fairly clear that Dwight wants another star to play alongside, which is why his number one team is the Nets, so he can play with Deron Williams. Williams is regarded as one of the best point guards in the league, and was traded to the Nets last season. Orlando is having trouble bringing in another star to play with Howard because of their lack of assets to make trades. They were able to bring in Glen Davis from the Celtics in a trade sending Brandon Bass to Boston. Davis has been rumored to be on Dwight’s “list of demands” of players he would like to see in Orlando. Davis may end up being a slight upgrade over Bass, but he is far from the missing piece that Orlando needs to get back to the Finals.

The front office also decided to use the NBA’s new amnesty clause to waive Gilbert Arenas’ contract from the books. His sizable contract and lack of remaining talent made him a clear choice for the team to use their amnesty on.

Orlando split their two preseason games with the Heat. They were blown out by 33 points in their first game which took place in Miami. The second and final game of the shortened preseason was in Orlando, and started off much like the first. The Heat took an early double digit lead, and held onto it through most of the first half. In the second half the Magic made an incredible comeback, sparked by the play of newly acquired big man Glen Davis and won the game 100-104. The Orlando Magic will begin the regular season in Oklahoma City on Christmas night.

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