In the NBA Finals who is going to be the true MVP, Lebron or Durant?

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It is evident to all who watched game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals that Steph Curry may be the face of the Warriors but Kevin Durant is the MVP. Although back alley murmurs crept up after the game 4 performance in the last round by Kyrie Irving about who the MVP is for the Cavs, Lebron James shut all those down with his play in the Finals. It is evident today; just as much as when Durant signed with the Warriors, that the Warriors are in a class of their own. The Cavaliers can't keep up with them offensively and defensively they look like David versus Goliath without a sling. The only true question left is whether Lebron or Durant will be the MVP of the Finals.

The case for Lebron is simple, he is the best player on planet Earth. Talk of Lebron nowadays always leads to Lebron or Jordan, but should it? His lifetime achievements and dominance is clear and is a path that leads to Jordan. Yet, in this Finals he is facing a younger, longer, and more skilled shooter than either Lebron or Jordan in Kevin Durant. While we can see just how Lebron takes his team on his back in an obvious manner, Durant does the same thing while making it look effortless. So which is more valuable? The player that strains himself to carry the lesser team or the man who guides his team with ease to becoming the greatest team of all time possibly?

Statistically Durant put up great numbers, 38/8/8 while shooting 54% from the field and 50% from 3-point range. Durant showed himself to be a fundamentally great passer last night in the Finals as well, not only by his 8 assists but by the manner in which he got them. The Warriors as a whole only had 4 turnovers, none by Durant who dominated fast breaks with easy layups and perfect dishes to the wing. Defensively Durant did what he has all season, lock people down. He does this with two things that never go away, his wingspan and his energy. Playing 38 minutes, Durant still looks like an overachiever on both ends of the court. Game 1 was Durant's, a game in which he played the game perfectly. Not every shot or pass created points, but every play he made was a smart play. It is that kind of play that truly shines bright and leads the way for his team.

Lebron is undeniably the greatest player, but in game 1 he faltered slightly in the eyes of many. But statistically his game was still great posting a 28/15/8 while shooting 45% from the field and 33% from beyond the arc. Lebron showed us in stints why he is the greatest; dominating the boards, dishing precise passes for 3, driving through the entire defense and giving effort on defense. Yet at the edge of too many easy layups was Lebron standing still and looking miffed. Miffed at how his team just could not compete with the Warriors. Lebron had 8 turnovers, which in this series is probably 8 too many. Lebron had stints where he dominated but he also had one glaring part of his game where he underwhelmed and the Cavs followed suit the rest of the game. The 2nd quarter started with Durant and Curry both sitting, Lebron was on the floor and yet he was differing to lesser teammates and taking plays off instead of dominating. Draymond Green is known as a defensive stalwart for good reason, but with 2 fouls in the 1st quarter it is imperative that Lebron attack him possession after possession and keep him on the bench with the two superstars. His lack of drive in key situations and times in the game led the Cavs to their game 1 loss in the NBA Finals and also answered the question of whether Lebron or Durant would be MVP.

Kevin Durant, Finals MVP.

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