Where did the top NBA Free Agents sign?

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It's that time of the year that all NBA fans love, NBA Free Agency. Let's take a look to see where the Top-3 NBA Free Agents decided to take their talents for the 2015/2016 NBA Season.

#3. Kevin Love | Cavaliers:

All year long we heard the same thing over and over when Love's name came up — Will he resign with Cleveland? Did the Cavs lose Andrew Wiggins for nothing? As always, rumors started spreading about where Love would end up. Teams like the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers came up constantly. Many people believed he was out of Cleveland and on his way to LA. LeBron James came out saying he wouldn't recruit Kevin, he thought Love knew he could be a part of something special if he stayed and that's exactly what happened. Love had to sit and watch the NBA finals due to an arm injury, and was itching to play. Sitting there made him realize if he leaves Cleveland, he could leave behind the opportunity to win an NBA Championship. It didn't take long for Love and Cleveland to agree on a 5-year/$113 million deal after free agency started.

#2. DeAndre Jordan | Clippers:

Probably the most confusing headline this year was when DeAndre Jordan accepted a contract from the Los Angeles Clippers and not the Dallas Mavericks. During the NBA Playoffs rumors were flying around saying Jordan would probably accept an offer from the Dallas Mavericks. A few weeks later when NBA free agency started reports came out stating that the Mavericks and Jordan verbally agreed on a max contract deal. That was during the moratorium stage, where no teams could officially sign players, just verbally agree on offered contracts. After a week that consisted of an "NBA Emoji war" on Twitter, to the Clippers team keeping DeAndre hostage in his own house, and of course some false reports of Mark Cuban roaming the streets of Houston, the Clippers and Jordan agreed on a 4-year/$88 million contract extension that shocked the NBA world.

#1. LaMarcus Aldridge | Spurs:

Every year we all see ourselves rooting for our team to sign the best player available, even if there's no way your team can sign that player, you still keep your hopes up. To no surprise, the top free agent available this year was on every team's radar. That player just so happened to be the former Portland Trail Blazer, LaMarcus Aldridge. From the Spurs to the Suns, everyone wanted a meeting with the talented big man. Even the Miami HEAT who signed Chris Bosh to a 5-year/$118 million deal last summer, and found a gem in Hassan Whiteside wanted a meeting with Aldridge. After a year of rumors of Aldridge wanting to leave Portland, reports came out this year saying he was torn on deciding to leave the Blazers... but when you're offered to play alongside with one of the greatest players of all time, how can you say no? From David Robinson, to Tim Duncan and now LaMarcus Aldridge. The Spurs and Aldridge agreed on a 4-year/$80 million deal. The Kawhi Leonard-LaMarcus Aldridge era is upon us.

More key NBA Free Agents who agreed on new deals this summer: Marc Gasol-Memphis Grizzlies (5-year/$113 million), Goran Dragic-Miami HEAT (4-year/$85 million), Jimmy Butler-Chicago Bulls (5-year/$92 million) & Kawhi Leonard-San Antonio Spurs (5-year/$94 million).

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