Who are the 5 best players currently in the NBA?

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Many of the elites you see were scouted because they had potential. The players listed on this list are not one game wonder. They have many accomplishments to back up the status they have achieved. It is very difficult for everyone to agree on who's the best but the players listed on this list have many skills that they can use at the highest level.

5.Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard is one of the top defensive players in the NBA. He can guard any position because of the size of his body and his massive hands. He also averaged 26 points per game last season and one of the highest three point shooting percentages. He has already won an NBA championship and won a finals MVP award. His team went to Western Conference finals last year, and this year, Kawhi believes he can take his team to the next level.

4. Demarcus Cousins

Demarcus' talents have been overshadowed due to his lack of success with the kings and bad attitude. What many don't realize is that he is one of impactful players in history. Being a 6'10" center means that he can do things most centers wouldn't dream of trying. He has a great post game, as well as being able to rebound, defend and shoot three point shots. He has also made numerous all-star appearances and played on the USA men's basketball team in the Olympics. Now that his career has taken him to New Orleans, he will have more success.

3. Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis has been one of the most hyped players to come out of college. The thing that make him different, is that he has great size and can do almost everything. He can shoot three point shots, rebound, defend and has had multiple games where he's scored over 50 points. In 2015, he took one of the worst teams in NBA history and took them to the playoffs, which led many to claiming that he should be an MVP candidate. Now that better players are coming to his team, him and his career will be regarded in a higher position thanks to his play.

2. LeBron James

Even though his career isn't over, he is regarded as one the best players currently and for the rest of time. He has 4 MVP awards 3 championships and 3 Finals MVPs. He has also been selected to the all-star game 13 times and has been on the USA men's basketball three times. He has been a top scorer since his years as a rookie but he has more talents. His greatest being to be able to make the players around him better. The highest amount of assists he averaged in career was 8.9, in 2010, his second MVP season. That is some of the highest for any player to play at the Small Forward position.

1. James Harden

James Harden to many is the best of the best players currently in the NBA. His life changed forever when he was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets. Many thought that he wasn't very talented however they weren't correct. He has led the team to a Conference Finals appearance in 2015. He has led the NBA in assist for the past two seasons. He is also close to averaging a triple-double. He is averaging 32 points per game, which is the highest of any player currently. He is a great leader for his team, so with more hard work he can get them over the hump.

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