Who do you think will be in the next NBA finals?

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Next NBA Finals

The NBA finals are months away and anything can happen in the course of the basketball season. Players may end up injuring themselves or be traded to other teams by the end of the season. Two teams that have been really exciting to watch this season are the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors. Both of these teams have a strong starting group and reliable scoring off the bench. Not only that, but they are both at the top of their division. This will help come playoff time when they will match up against the number eight seed and allow players to rest if they were to sweep the series.

Stephen Curry the Golden State point guard has emerged as one of the top scorers and young leaders in the NBA. He has an excellent three point shot and the ability to finish at the basket. On top of that, they have a quality guard in Klay Thompson and a top five center in Andrew Bogut. Steve Kerr the Warriors head coach has the team off to an impressive record of 15-2 the best record in the west.

Toronto is leading the east with a 15-4 record under coach Dwayne Casey. The Raptors have a young team as well and they mesh well together out on the floor. They have quality big men around the basket, which helps them rebound and score easy baskets on second chance shots. Their post moves are solid and the addition of Tyler Hansbrough has really helped the team in that department. He is a strong and scrappy big who isn't afraid to play physical and draw fouls.

Going into the season everyone assumed that the new big three in Cleveland would win it all, but they are off to a slow start. They do have some quality wins and are much better than they were a year ago, but there is still work to do. The addition of Kevin Love along with Lebron James return home has the fans hopeful for a ring in Cleveland. David Blatt the new coach has never been a coach in the NBA before this season. He will have to make adjustments and learn the players not only on his team but around the league. Cleveland will most likely make the playoffs this year, but winning it all this year may not happen.

It has been quite clear in recent years that the west is the stronger of the two conferences. With teams in the east such as the Philadelphia 76er's the trend is likely to continue this year. There is also a lot of question marks as far is the east is concerned, compared to the west where many of the same teams make the playoffs year after year. The San Antonio Spurs are a prime example. The key to winning the east is to beat the teams with poor records and most importantly staying healthy.

Nothing is a given in sports including the NBA. That is why it can be so exciting to watch. People across the country love to root for their city and team even if they are the underdog. I can't tell you who will win the next NBA finals, but if I were a gambling man I would take Golden State.

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