Lonzo Ball's Future With the Lakers?

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The 2017 NBA draft lottery has now reached its conclusion as the Boston Celtics lucked out selecting first overall, with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers picking at number two and three respectively. This year's class is very deep, but the primary focus will be at the point guard position. With Markelle Fultz slated as the consensus number 1, that means Lonzo Ball's future is destined to be with the purple and gold next year. Or is it? Here are some possible scenarios that could change that likelihood: Los Angeles trades their pick to a point guard starved team With Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and James Harden dominating the NBA in recent years, the point guard position is more important than ever. Tony Parker is probably retiring in San Antonio, and All-Stars Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry could opt for free agency this off-season. With all the hype sounding the UCLA prospect and his family, one of these teams could offer some assets and future picks to the Lakers for a chance at the rookie. D'Angello Russell has been dubbed the future of the franchise already, so it would make sense to look at other areas of need. Don't be surprised if a plethora of teams come knocking on Celtics GM Danny Ainge's door come draft night. Boston picks Ball over Fultz Even though Fultz is considered to be the better player, Lonzo Ball is clearly the bigger draw, from his 500$ ZO2 shoes that his family's company Big Baller Brand has launched, to a possible reality television series. The NBA is a business first, and although Fultz is the superior guard, Ball will get those ticket sales soaring and sell out arenas on a nightly basis. Lonzo would have to back up NBA all-star Isiah Thomas, but the opportunity for them to play in unison is a definite possibility, and a step closer to competing with the defending champion Cavaliers The Lakers don't want to deal with Lavar Ball The only other person that has more spotlight on them then Lonzo Ball is his father, Lavar. His outrageous statements about beating Michael Jordan 1 on 1, as well as his critiquing of the UCLA basketball program, is Lavar Ball a blessing or a burden? The man's support for his son is undeniable, but some NBA owners may be turned off by Mr. Ball's boisterous personality, and pass on his son altogether. His draft stock is negatively affected It happens almost every year. Everything from recreational drug use, to being a suspect in a murder or rape allegation, players drop down the draft board and lose out on millions of dollars and endorsements. Injuries are also a common occurrence, as nobody wants to draft another Greg Oden. However, Lonzo has had a squeaky clean persona ever since stepping on the court and has no injury history to date, but anything can happen in the association. Regardless of the outcome, this year NBA draft will be filled with nothing but suspense and excitement, especially the storylines surrounding Lonzo Ball's future

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